ICTREC Gets Mini Recording Studio

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August 12, 2021

The Information and Communication Technology Resource Centre (ICTREC) of the University is now fully equipped with a Mini Recording Studio located in a special built-in office within the Centre where faculty members and other stakeholders can record courses and other relevant contents.

The Mini Recording Studio is highly suitable for members of staff working to create audio-visual presentations and other related recordings as the studio includes a complete set of recording and streaming gadgets.

The Studio currently allows staff members to record contents using the built-in studio equipment and could be extended for the usage of students in the future. Staff have the option to bring their tailored gadgets or to use the studio’s built-in gadgets.

Lighting and reasonable acoustic treatment would also be provided to produce the best results with the view of having a space tailored for high sound quality.

It is anticipated that with the large volume that may result from classes offered by the University, it is advised that interested members of staff should contact the Centre as early as possible as requests and assistance will be processed in earnest.

The facilities in place at the studio are such that previously recorded lectures can still be retrieved for future use while new lectures can be recorded in the Studio as well as recording lectures remotely via Zoom

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