Exceptional Excellence: FUNAAB Mechatronics Eng. Student Bags AEA Award – Best among 3000 others

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August 24, 2021

A graduate of the Department of Mechantronics Engineering, College of Engineering (COLENG), FUNAAB, Mr. Akinade Adedayo has been honoured with a prestigious Award of ‘Extraordinary Excellent Performance’ by Automation and Engineering Academy (AEA), a frontline Automation Company in Nigeria.

The Acting Head of the Department of Mechatronics, Engineering, Dr. Adekunle Oyelami disclosed this in an interview with FUNAAB Bulletin.

According to Dr. Oyelami, the Student was meritoriously awarded  “after being found to be more skillful and of outstanding character when compared with over 3000 interns that have gone through the Academy overtime”.

The Acting HOD stated that “As a result of Adedayo’s exceptional performance, the company presented him with an award of excellence, the first of such awards in almost two decades of the company’s  existence”.

He further informed that the Awardee was also given a cash of N200,000.00 while an additional donation of N100,000.00 was given to the Department.

Meanwhile, Daniel Adeleke a 500 level Mechatronics Engineering student of the university who is one of the students who assembled the PLC and the other being Mr. Akinade Adedayo (Award Recipient) who was not on ground for the interview said he worked with Prof. Kehinde who has been his lecturer and mentor in developing the equipment.

According to him, “Prof. has influenced me in several ways through his teachings and I look up to him for guidance. Although I don’t actually want to be a Prof in future but l like everything about him. I learnt about the PLC during my Industrial Training days and I applied all I learnt there for the assemblage of the PLC kit. When I was informed that Prof was looking for someone who had interest in PLC I contacted him and now the rest is history”.

Mr. Adeleke encouraged other lecturers to have faith in their students, stating that the singular act alone can bring out the best in them. He also admonished his junior colleagues to look out for companies where they can learn and develop themselves rather than companies where they will have financial gain during their Industrial Training (IT).

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