Lecture Notes In CD, Flash Drive or Online, Will Minimise Negative Impact of Strike Actions on Students – Dr. Yusuf

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February 23, 2022

The initiator of lecture notes in Compact Disc (CD), Flash drives and Online project, Dr. Gbenga Ahmed Yusuf has affirmed that putting lecture notes in CD, Flash drives or on the internet will reduce negative impact of strike actions usually embarked upon by unions members on Students.

            Dr. Yusuf who made this known at a sensitisation workshop titled, “Benefits and Commercial Value of  lectures Notes in Compact Disc, Flash Drives and Online Platforms with Standardization of Courses for Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria”, held recently in the University said during strike actions, students can take advantage of lecture note (LN-CD) or flash drives and read ahead before the end of any strike action.  With the availability of lecture notes on LN-CD, flash drives, Compact Disc and Online platforms, there will be standardization of course(s) to keep the Students busy while waiting for the School to resume.

Explaining further, he said the idea of putting lecture notes in CD, Flash Drive or online will reduce the pains of lecturers trying to convey notes to students, especially students in large classes.

            Dr. Yusuf who expressed dissatisfaction with the standard of course contents delivery to the students in most of tertiary institutions, noted that the nature of the LN-CD and flash drives will allow easy download on electronic devices such as desktop computers,  laptops and smart android phones, among others.

            He disclosed further that the benefits of lecture notes in CD, flash drives or online will eliminate inadequate preparation on the part of most lecturers becuase lecture notes in CD, flash drives or internet will be prepared by a committee of intellectuals set up by each tertiary institution to solve the problem of poor course content delivery to students and Management of tertiary institutions will be able to monitor the course contents lecturers administer to the students.

            Dr Yusuf equally proposed that this method when adopted will serve as a way of generating  additional internal revenue for the tertiary institutions and also make studying easier for the students since the students  can subscribe and access all lecture notes of the semester at the point of registration.

            Some other benefits of this method identified by the speaker includes; ease of download on electronic devices, stress reduction on delivery of lecture notes by lecturers, flexibility of printing lecture notes on papers, minimizes negative impact of strike actions on students and elimination of cost in the production of course content, among other benefits.

            In order to make the method function effectively, he advocated that compensation plans must be instituted by all tertiary institutions for lecturers that submitted course contents for  LN-CD/LN-FD/LN-OL project in any  institution, adding that this arrangement does not stop lecturers from publishing text books for the students.

            Dr. Yusuf disclosed that the project is in conjunction with the Federal Ministry of Education to introduce it to institutions of learning in Nigeria, adding that he has introduced it to 52 Universities, Polytechnic and College of Education in Nigeria.

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