Synopses of Departmental courses

ABG 300:Fundamentals of Animal Breeding and Genetics (2Units)


Old synopses

History of animal genetics and livestock domestication, Simple Mendelian inheritance, Chromosomes, Gene,Gene expression,Gene combinations,Dominance (complete and incomplete). Epistasis, Linkage and crossover, Gene classification, Gene mapping, Breeding and selection methods, Practical to include collection and classification of indigenous poultry breeds-domestic fowls, turkey, ducks, guinea fowls, pigeon etc. Special inceptive for finding very rare and special breeds and freaks.


New Synopses

History of animal breeding and genetics, Livestock domestication, simple mendelian inheritance, Dominance (complete and incomplete). Epistasis, Additive gene action, Chromosomes, Mitosis and meiosis, Hereditary/heritable traits, Dihybrid ratios, Modification of dihybrid ratios, Penetrance, Epressivity, Pleiotropy, Recombination, Linkage, Gene map and Genetics distance.


ABG 401: Quantitative Hereditary in Animal Breeding and Genetics (2 Units).

Character inheritance in domestic animals, changes in genes and chromosomes, some inherited characters in domestic animals, Alleles (simple and multiple), Sex determination, Sex ratios, Intersexes, Sex-linked inheritance, Sex influenced and Sex limited trait, Lethal genes, Sex linked lethal, Inherited defects and gene interactions.


ABG 500: Applied Animal Breeding and Genetics (3 Units)

Old synopses

Partitioning of phenotypic variance Hereditability and repeatability, Genotype by environment interaction, Correlation between traits, In-breeding and relationship, Cross breeding in practice, Selection in practice, Genetic improvement for various livestock traits.


New Synopses

Variance, Co-variance, Partitioning of phenotypic variance, Heritability and Repeatability, Genotype by environment interaction, Correlation between traits, In-breeding, Line breeding and relationship, Cross breeding in practice, Selection in practice, Genetic improvement for various livestock traits,


ABG 501: Methods of Animal Experimentation (3 Units)

Statistical method in animal experimentation, Planning of experiments, Research techniques animal science, Dairy science research, Physiological research, Applied genetics, Animal nutrition research e.g. germ free animals, Cannulation, Colotromy, Methods in pasture research, Analysis, Interpretation of results and presentation of results.


ABG 503: Animal Behaviour (2 Units)

Features of animal behaviour, Types of behaviour, Aggression, Dominance status, Broodiness, Reproductive behaviour, etc, causes and on-set of behaviour, Effect on animal management and productivity.


ABG 504:Biotechnology in livestock improvement (3 Units)

Chromosomes and genes, The genetic material, DNA replication, The genetic code, Genetic mutation, Universality of the code, Isolation of gene, Genetic Markers, Restriction site, Polymorphism, Cryogenics, Qualitative traits loci (QTL).


ABG 505: Hereditary and the Environment (3 Units)

Old Synopses

Genotype by environment interaction, Phenotypics and genotypic variance, Hybrid and independent assortment, Quantitative characters, Chi-square, Binomial distribution, Repeatability, Variance and co-variances, Extra nuclear transmission and maternal influences, Selection, In-breeding, Cross breeding, Gene modifiers, Penetrance and Pleiotropy, Improvement of various livestock traits


New Synopses

Quantitative and Qualitative character, Variation and measures of variation, Probability, Binomial distribution, Chi-square, Variance, Standard deviation, Standard error of Means, gene interaction including modifiers genes, maternal influences, extra nuclear transmission, penetrance and pleiotropy, animal genetic resources, indigenous.


ABG 506: Biochemical Genetics(2 units)

The chemistry of Genetics, genetics of disease resistance, immunoglobulins, immune response, Humoral cell mediated histocompatibility system, Genetics regulation of diseases, Genetic regulation, of immune responsiveness, Blood groups, Disease resistance in animals, The immune system.


ABG 514: Reproductive Physiology and Artificial insemination (3 Units)

The biological basis of sex, comparative anatomy of vthe reproductive tract, Male and female reproductive systems, Sexual Development, Endocrinology of reproduction, Spermatogenesis, Oogenesis and physiology of mammalian ova, Reproductive cycles, Pregnancy Neuroendocrine control of milk ejection, Artificial insemination in farm animals, Infertility in farm animals.


Practicals: Anatomy of the male reproductive tract, Anatomy of the female reproductive tract, Oestus detection, Semens collection and evaluation.


ABG 701: Introduction To Biotechnology And Animal Genetics (2 Units)

Genes/chromosomes: structures and functions, Role of genes in animal genetics, Quantitative heredity, Basic Mendelian genetics and molecular basis of inheritance.


ABG 702: Animal Breeding Theory And Programme Design (3 Units)

Theoretical basis of animal improvement programmes, population structure, design of breeding programmes and repeated measurements. (Variance components, Heritability and Repeatability estimates), Performance and progeny testing, Generation intervals, Dissemination of improvement, Genes and genotype x environmental interaction. ( Prediction and evaluation of genetic changes, Prediction of breeding values, selection indices, BLUP), Breed evaluation.

Tutorials: Problems and applications are discussed in tutorial sessions.


ABG 703: Quantitative Genetics (3 Units)

Genetics and phenotype variations. Genetic basis of quantitative traits, Heritability and repeatability, Correlation among traits. Selection in long and short term, Crossbreeding and selection for crossing ability. Design and analysis of selection experiments. Inbreeding depression and heterosis, genetic conservation.

Tutorials: Problems and applications are discussed in tutorials sessions


ABG 704: Stock Improvement (3Units)

Review of genetics basis and interrelationship of ecologically important traits in each of the principal livestock species. Breeding objectives, Development of breeding plans, Breeding and selection programmes in practice, Vissiting of livestock breeding and research emterprises


ABG 705: Population Genetics (2 Units)

Drawing revolution, Variation/evolutionary changes, sources/forces of variation and evolutionary changes, Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, Gene frequencies and changes in gene frequency, Effects of sexual reproduction on variation, Variability among finite populations, synthesis of forces, Genetics structure of populations. Balance polymorphism, Random events, Fitness, origin of species.


ABG 706: Advanced Biotechnology (3 Units)

Animal cell and tissue culture, Maturation of oocytes, In Vitro oocytes fusion, Cloning, species hybridization interspecies embryo transfer, DNA sequences, blood group analysis and genetic polymorphism, electrophoretic techniques, Genes and genetic markers. Linkage mapping by recombination. Mapping and map distances, Chi-square test, mitotic segregation and recombination, analysis of single meiosis, sex chromosome and sex linkages.


ABG 707: Biostatistics (3Units)

Planning of experiments, increasing accuracy of experiments, Regression and correlation

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