Directorate of University Farms Centre Complex

Directorate of University Farms (DUFARMS) was re-structured from the Teaching and Research Farms Directorate (TREFAD) as the umbrella body to oversee and manage the research and training facilities for students and staff of the University.

The Teaching and Research Farms Directorate (TREFAD) was established in 2009 to fully complement the tripodal mandate; (Teaching, Research and Extension) of the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta.  It is also in fulfillment of the requirement of the National Universities Commission for the establishment of Teaching and Research Farms in the Nigerian Universities, particularly the three Universities of Agriculture.  Aside from incorporating all the Teaching and Research farming activities of the various Colleges, it is fully complemented by its Commercial operations of both Livestock and Crop Production activities.  These are aimed towards the provision of the necessary platform to impact needed practical skill for the realization of the University’s objective to promote agricultural education and services for agricultural development. The Directorate comprises of the following Units: Crops, Livestock and Fisheries and Aquaculture. .

The Livestock Unit

The Livestock Unit maintains animals actively used for research work at both Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels.  Besides, it provides practical experience to students on the management of the different livestock types.  Active commercial operations of the Livestock Unit are undertaken for broilers and egg production in the Poultry Section.  The various sections of the Livestock Units are as follows:
Cattle, Small Ruminants, Piggery, Rabbitry, Poultry(Layers and Broilers), Animal Breeding (Turkey and Chicken) and Micro livestock (Cane Rat and Snails).
The Livestock Unit is fully complemented with the Feedmill section where Feed Rations of desired formulations for the respective classes of livestock on the farm are compounded and distributed accordingly.

Fishery Unit

The Unit comprises of a fish Hatchery complex, Grow-Out Tanks, Earthen Ponds, Reservoir and a Smoking Kiln for processing smoked fish.
The Hatchery complex has an installed capacity to produce five million fingerlings per year. Meanwhile fingerlings are continuously produced, reared to the juvenile stage to be transferred to either the Grow-Out Tanks or the Earthen Ponds (8 Units) where they are raised to table size. Furthermore the tanks and ponds are cropped at regular intervals whenever the stocked fish attain desired body weight and processed for sale. Processing is by smoking in the 100kg capacity Fish smoking kiln purchased from the Nigerian Institute for Oceonographic and Marine Research Lagos.

Crops Unit

The Crops Unit is responsible for the provision of land for all crop research and student projects on the Farm.  It also provides all other necessary support services for the successful establishment and maintenance of field trials. These include – Land preparation, and such other mechanized field operations.
Commercial crop production is also undertaken under rain-fed conditions and in the low-lying Fadama areas of the farm. About 2ha of land is also currently utilized for the establishment of special crops for research projects, namely: Jatropha, Moringa and Mulbbery plant (Morins mesozygia).
A Tractor and Farm Machinery Section with the Unit provides needed mechanization support to direct crop production operations.