Dear Content Contributor,

I write to request for information on Academic contents from researchers in various Colleges, Departments, Institutes, Centres and Units in the University.

The proposed FUNAABPEDIA is a solution module on FUNAAB website where most Agriculture and other allied problems are documented and solved. It is also known as knowledge Centre through which the expertise, competences group will be published for a better global visibility.

The purpose of this idea is to gather our expertise, innovations, ideas and contributions to knowledge in form of research outputs from various organs of the University.

The presentation can be done in the following format:

1. Steps to set-up an Entrepreneurial Schemes (tips) for all disciplines possibly with documentaries e.g. crop farming, fish farming, piggery, poultry, biotechnology, etc

2. Putting our extension services on web in order to showcase the institution efforts.

3. Tips for solving problems in the following areas Agriculture, Environmental, Science and Management through web.

4. Show casing our distinguished scholars, researchers as consultants to the whole world.

Therefore, the Webometrics Centre alone cannot implement such a laudable project thus, request for information from Colleges, Departments, Institute, Centres and Units. We count on your support. We are looking forward to your favourable response. For enquiries and further information you can send email or call 08135639748.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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