The National Universities Commission (NUC) on realization of the fact that institutions are responsible for the quality of education they offered proposed and established the Academic Planning Unit (APU) in Nigerian Universities in the early 1980’s.

Establishment of the Academic Planning Units (APU) in Nigerian universities is in response to the need to coordinate and streamline the academic policies and activities arising from sudden and sometimes uncoordinated growth, development and proliferation of programmes and units in the university system. APU is also to handle the collection and management of data and information to guide the academic development of universities while ensuring the compliance of the institution and the units under it with NUC’s Minimum Academic Standards (MAS) and with the university senate’s academic requirements.

Currently the Academic Planning Unit of the University of Agriculture, Abeokuta Ogun-state, Nigeria is headed by a Professor as Director; Prof. M.A. Waheed. He is directly responsible to the Vice-Chancellor for the day-to-day running and administration of the unit.

UNAAB Academic Planning Unit is providing focus and direction for the purpose of academic development as part of its role obligation in line with the NUC guideline since its inception in the year 1999.

This official website of the Academic Planning Unit of UNAAB highlights the philosophy, function, staff profile as well as the routine activities of the unit till date. It also presents statistics and pictorials representing enrolment profile for students, staff disposition by designation, sex and state of origin; the growth rate since establishment of the university, Full-Time Equivalent, Carrying Capacity  as well as performance rate and graduate Out-put by discipline as well as Class of degree since the inception of the university.


Pursuance to the tripodal mandate of teaching, research, and extension services of UNAAB, and in line with the mission and vision of the university, the philosophy of (APU) is to enhance efficiency in the mandate of the university and to ensure the generation, dissemination, and publication of qualitative ideas, information and knowledge. This is with the ultimate objective of;

    • Ensuring the compliance of university with the National Universities Commission (NUC) guideline on academic matters.
    • Ensuring the provision of conducive teaching, learning and research environment for staff and students.
    • Ensuring efficient and effective utilization of academic resources and;
    • Enhancing the conformity of the university with NUC and indeed international academic standards.


The (APU) is under the Vice-Chancellor’s office and its Director is responsible to the Vice-Chancellor; the duties of the unit includes;
1.    serve as quality control unit of the university

    • guiding each unit on the operation of the university academic brief (an academic plan of programmes and services which documents the university’s philosophy, mission, aims, objectives, academic pattern, curriculum , organizational structure and future growth and development plans.
    • Seek clarifications from NUC on academic matters and feedback the Vice-Chancellor and appropriate organ of the university e.g senate and Academic Planning Committee.
    • Study and analyze how the university and the units within it are complying with NUC’s parameters for fund allocation
    • Obtaining up-to-date, relevant and accurate data for processing and generating information to guide university management for accurate and timely decision-making on university matters ( e.g staff  and students records, financial records, research output e.t.c )

2.    the unit also performs other functions such as ;

    • Evaluation of proposal for new academic programme for submission to the Academic Planning Committee, Senate and the NUC.
    • Coordination and collation of information on NUC-funded research by academic staff.
    • Involved in the preparation and procurement and distribution of examination materials.
    • Performing any other function that may be directed by the Vice-Chancellor.

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