Authors: Atanda O.O., Oguntubo A, Adejumo A., Ikeorah H. and Akpan I. (2007).


A survey was undertaken to determine the aflatoxin M1 contamination of milk and some locally produced dairy products in Abeokuta and Odeda local governments of Ogun State, Nigeria. Samples of human and cow milk, yoghurt, “wara”, ice cream and ”nono” were collected randomly within the local governments and analysed for aflatoxin M1 using the two-dimensional TLC. Aflatoxin M1 contamination in the range of 2.04–4.00 μg l−1 was noticed only in milk and ice cream. In particular, samples of human milk, cow milk and ice cream recorded high scores of 4.0 μg l−1, 2.04 μg l−1 and 2.23 μg l−1, respectively in Abeokuta local governments and a score of 4.0 μg l−1 for cow milk in Odeda local government. This indicates a high level contamination in the local governments since the weighted mean concentration of aflatoxin M1 in milk for African diet is 0.002 μg l−1. Therefore the concentration of AFB1 in feeds which is transformed to AFM1 in milk should be reduced by good manufacturing and good storage practices. Furthermore, there is need for stringent quality control during processing and distribution of these products

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