(i)  To promote an awareness of fitness, health, recreation and leisure activities of the individual student and staff.

(ii)  To provide a forum for free and fair competition based on approval regulations among students and staff of different backgrounds with a view of forging a bond of understanding and friendship among students and staff.

(iii)  To develop a conscious effort and encourage mass participation in sporting activities in the University.

(iv)  To use sports as an element of crises management, positively re-directing innate emotional insurgence of staff and students towards ethical patterns.

(v)  To consolidate overall effort of University curriculum in developing ‘well-rounded’ students by establishing sports as a major parameters for psychomotor proficiency.

(vi)  To promote movement education which involves sports, games, plays improved health habit, recreation and dance as a major part of psychomotor development.

(vii)  To promote Aerobic, gymnastic and dance activities as part of sports therapy.

(viii)  To utilize sports as a medium for promoting a sense of patriotism and nationalism as well as enhancing the social well-being staff and students in the University.

(ix)  To develop and mobilize the human and social capacities of students and staff in order to cope creatively with challenges of changes.

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