Dr. AKINYEMI,Olukayode. D

Degree: B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D E-Mail: director-linkages@unaab.edu.ng kayode.akinyemi@yahoo.com Tel: +234-8062937241, +234-8062937241 Fax: +234-39-243045 Department: Linkages & Partnership Designation: Director Current position: Director Area of specialization: Numerical modeling and experimental investigation of water and heat transfer in porous media, moisture transport across porous interfaces, Ground spatial and temporal variability of hydrological and thermal properties. Subsurface pollutions and…

CENIP Staff list

S/NO NAME DESIGNATION CENTRE 1. Dr. Akeem A. Oyekanmi Director CENIP 2. Dr. James O. Daramola Head, FUFASS CENIP 3. Mr. Bright O. Obiriwonsi Administrative Officer II CENIP 4. Mrs. Camilla O. Fatunmbi Confidential Secretary I CENIP 5. Mr. Emmanuel Okoko Clerical Assistant CENIP Last Updated on September 27, 2010 by admin