Adams, D.O. Publications

Journal Articles (Selected) D. O. Adams, M. O. Omeike, O. T. Mewomo and I. O. Olusola (2013): Boundedness of solutions of some third order non-autonomous ordinary differential equations. Journal of the Nigerian Mathematical Society 32, 229-240. ISSN 0189-8965.  Published by the Nigerian Mathematical Society, Nigeria. A. A. Adeyanju and D. O. Adams (2018): On The […]

Adams, D.O. Courses Taught

Teaching Functions at the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta 2016/2017 Academic Session S/N Course Code Course Title Course Unit Enrolment of Students No. of Lecturers 1. MTS 105 Mathematics for Non-Major 3 1955 5 2. MTS 241 Mathematical Methods I 3 434 3 3. MTS 341 Mathematical Methods II 3 171 2 4. MTS 106 […]

Adams, D.O. Conferences Attended

26th Annual Colloquium and Congress of the Nigerian Association of Mathematical Physics held at the University Auditorium, Kwara State University, Malete. Date: 3rd – 6th November, 2015.36th 2. Annual Conference of the Nigerian Mathematical Society (NMS) held at the University of Agriculture, Makurdi, Benue State. Date: 9th – 12th May, 2017. 3. 37th Southern Africa […]

Adams, D.O. Institutions Attended

Oluwalogbon Primary School Ketu.Lagos State, Nigeria                     1988 – 1994 Kosofe College Ketu, Lagos State, Nigeria                                              1994 – 2001 Lagos State University Ojo, Lagos State, Nigeria                                   2003 – 2008 Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta,Ogun State, Nigeria   2010 – 2012 Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta,Ogun State, Nigeria   2015 – 2019 Last Updated on June 25, 2021 by […]

Ariyo O. S.: Awards Received

2017:Travel Award to attend World Statistical Congress Marrakech Morroco by the World Bank Washington DC, USA. 2017: Travel Award to attend Conference of the International Society for Clinical Biostatistics Vigo, Spain, by International Biometric Society Washington DC, USA. 2015: Tertiary Education Trust Fund AST&D Grant for PhD in Biostatistics at Katholieke Universiteit by Federal Government […]

Dr. IBRAHIM, S.B.: Courses Taught

Post:                                        Lecturer I                                October, 2017 to date Nature of Duty:                       Teaching, Research and Community Service             Session Course code Course title No of students No of Instructors 2017/2018           AEM 102 Principles of Economics 3500 12 AEM 201 Principles of Agricultural Economics 1500 4 AEM 304   Applied Statistics in Agriculture […]

Dr. IBRAHIM, S.B.: Publications

(i) Thesis and Dissertation (a) Ibrahim, S. B. (2017). Agricultural Productivity, Wage Employment Participation and Welfare: Effects of Ill-health Disability on Agricultural Households in Nigeria. Thesis submitted to the department of Food Economics and Marketing, School of Agriculture Policy and Development, University of Reading, United Kingdom. (b) Ibrahim, S. B. (2011). Analysis of Climate Change, […]

Dr. IBRAHIM,S.B.:Research Conducted

(i) Agricultural Productivity, Wage Employment Participation and Welfare: Effects of Ill-health Disability on Agricultural Households in Nigeria, June, 2017. (ii) Modelling Arable Crop Farmers’ Awareness to Causes and Effects of Climate Change in South Western, Nigeria, March, 2014. (iii) Arable Crop Farmers’ Decision Making and Adaptation Strategies on Climate Change in Ogun State, Nigeria, January, […]

Dr. IBRAHIM, S.B.: Membership of Professional Bodies

(i) Agricultural Economics Society, UK (ii) Farm Management Association of Nigeria (iii) Nigerian Association of Agricultural Economics (iv) African Association of Agricultural Economics Last Updated on November 24, 2020 by FUNAAB