7.  The project consists of two components. Component 1 will aim to strengthen the capacity of competitively selected institutions to establish Africa Centers of Excellence (ACE). These ACEs will deliver regional, demanded, quality training and applied research in partnerships with regional and international academic institutions and in partnership with relevant employers and industry. Component 2 consists of regional activities to build capacity, support project implementation, monitor and evaluate, and develop regional policies. Further, component 2 will, in a demand-driven manner, finance the ACEs strengthened under component 1 to scale-up support to selected West African countries without any Africa Centers of Excellence.

Component 1: Strengthen Africa Centers of Excellence – IDA US$ 138 million
8.  Component 1 will strengthen 15 Centers of Excellence in selected higher education institutions to produce highly skilled graduates and applied research to help address specific regional development challenges. Centers of Excellence draw on specialized departments and faculty in higher education institutions (universities) in West and Central African countries in disciplines related to STEM, Agriculture and Health. The number of Centres of Excellence per country and sector supported and strengthened under this component is shown below. The maximum grant amount awarded to each Centre of Excellence is US$ 8 million.

9.  Selected institutions will implement their own Centre of Excellence proposal aiming to help address a specific regional development challenge through preparation of professionals (education), applied research and associated outreach activities with partners. Each selected institution will sign a performance and funding contract with the government which states the following: At least 15 percent of the funding must be invested in the partnerships, and at least 10 percent must be invested in partnerships activities with non-national African partners. Further, civil works will be limited to 25 percent of the grant. This agreement will include the government’s planned commitments for continued funding of institutional staff as part of the funding and performance agreement. Within that, institutions will have autonomy to implement their own institutional specific proposal which encompasses the following five elements:
•  Enhance capacity to deliver regional high quality training to address the development challenge.
•  Enhance capacity to deliver applied research to address the regional development challenge.
•  Build and use industry/sector partnerships
•  Regional and international academic partnerships
•  Enhance governance and management

Component 2: Enhancing Regional Capacity Building, Evaluation, Facilitation and Collaboration – IDA US$ 7 million
•  Component 2.1 Enhancing Regional Capacity Building and Evaluation. This sub-component will support: (i) capacity building, knowledge sharing and coordination; (ii) undertake regional monitoring and evaluation; (iii) build capacity for regional policy making, and (vi) activities required for regional project facilitation and steering.
•  Component 2.2 Demand-driven Regional Education Services. This sub-component seeks to increase regional use and benefit from the strengthened ACEs under component 1 in a demand-driven manner.


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