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The philosophy of the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering is to produce skilled manpower who understand the fundamentals and principles of the discipline, and who can generate technologies for the nation’s development as well as agricultural and technological advancement. We desire to produce graduates of high academic standard with adequate background and of immediate value to the industry and nation in general.


Students will be equipped with requisite skill and broad knowledge in both theory and practical aspect of concepts of Electrical and Electronics Engineering such as the rudiments of power systems, renewable energy sources, the art of electronics and automatic control, communications principles and computer applications. Such training will lead to the production of skilled and manpower that is adequately furnished with current and comprehensive knowledge to undertake researches in Electrical and Electronic Engineering that would be self-employed by virtue of service rendering, as well as veritable asset for power, telecommunications, and industrial sectors. This will impact in no small measure on the socio-economic growth and development of the nation.


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