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The B.Sc.degree programme in Banking and Finance is rooted in the understanding that in an increasingly sophisticated and globalised economy, the financial professional or expert should be well grounded in the concepts and theories of finance that are required for dealing with complex financial and economic issues in a manner that e`nhances the quality of financial decisions at the various strata of society- Government, Corporate and Individual.


The programme incorporates the virtues of self reliance and ethical business conduct which are necessary for entrepreneurial/ national development and in preserving the integrity of financial services.





  1. To produce graduates imbued with the skills and knowledge required to make them capable of excelling as professionals and future leaders in finance and general management positions in global business, industry, commerce and public services.
  2. To prepare graduates for both professional examination and graduate studies in this and any other University in the world.
  3. To produce graduates who are good team members as well as self reliant and capable of building successful enterprises.

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