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The guiding principle of the programme is founded on the need to develop the total being of the individual student. Specifically, the programme aims at developing the mind and impacting theoretical and practical knowledge that will encourage self-reliance in the individual and nation at large. It also aimed at educating prospective graduate of the programme to understand, exploit and if possible change his environment through the adoption and application of management theories, thoughts, principles, processes and techniques.





The objectives of the programme are to:

  1. provide basic knowledge needed for an understanding and analysis of problem related to the management or administration of industrial, commercial, public and other human organizations
  2. equip students with the skills needed for recognising and defining problems and taking appropriate decisions, using scientific techniques and tools
  3. inculcate in students an awareness of, and sensitivity to, environmental factors and conditions and their impact on managerial/administrative practice and decisions
  4. develop leadership and interpersonal relations skills which are needed for working in organizations.
  5. facilitate the creation of entrepreneurial spirit in young men and women who can help to exploit the available resources and opportunities in Nigeria
  6. provide for preparation of management teachers and researchers to keep pace with the ever rising demand for management education
  7. facilitate the education and training of managers at undergraduate levels
  8. help produce teaching materials and literature more appropriate to the Nigerian environment through research and cross fertilization of ideas in the classroom

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