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The philosophy of the programme is development of innovative minds, creative and entrepreneurial personalities who are prepared for leadership responsibilities in industry, government and non-profit organizations; and who are developed to established new ventures create new jobs, add social and economic value and reinvent existing organizations.

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The major objectives of Degree Programme in Entrepreneurship are to:


  1. To develop entrepreneurial zeal among the new generation of students with the hope of creating new / greater social and economic value to the society;
  2. To nurture entrepreneurship knowledge among students through entrepreneurship studies and education;
  3. To provide students with the required skill to developing viable enterprises that are capable of competing in the global environment;
  4. Enable student’s identify and exploit opportunities locally and globally
  5. To equip student’s with tools to grow new and existing ventures thereby regenerating economic growth and development
  6. To stimulate students interest in fostering productive culture in the larger society through teaching, advisory and consultancy services, mentoring and active engagements;
  7. To equip students with analytical skills in problem solving, negotiations, conflict resolution, marketing, leadership, interpersonal relations and financial management
  8. To develop in students, the desire to excel and live a meaningful life through self discovery
  9. To instil in students the need for independent thinking, economic freedom and respect for talents
  10. To prepare graduates for higher studies in the field.

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