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The Department of Physics is one of the foundation Departments of the University. It has therefore developed and grown with the University since the University was established in 1988. Recent changes in nomenclature and academic programmes led to a change in the former name (i.e. Department of Physical Sciences) to its present name.

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By and large, the Department has contributed significantly to the development of the University and is still striving to ensure that the aims for which the University is established are achieved.

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The Department of Physics offers single honours degree programme in Physics as well as Post Graduate programmes leading to the award of Doctor of Philosophy in various sub-disciplines of Physics. The Department recently graduated her first PhD student. Some graduates of the Department are on the staff list of the Department as academic staff.





The philosophy of the Department is the production of skilled manpower that is adequately furnished with the comprehensive information required for engaging in meaningful research/basic intellect in physics. This has to be considered in the context of the University

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