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Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta


The Counseling Unit of the Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta was established in August 2001 to provide a full range of psychological services which will assist students and staff resolve their problems, cope with their challenges and live a more fulfilled academic and social/personal life.

What is counseling?
Counseling is an opportunity to talk about your concerns and challenges in academics, personal and social problems with a counseling psychologist under strict confidentiality however great or small. It involves a Counseling Psychologist and a client on a one on one counseling interaction. Counseling enables an individual, disturbed by a problem, to express his or herself in order to resolve difficulties and make appropriate choices.

Who is it meant for?
Every human being  encounters a problem, challenges or often disturbed and confused at one time or the other.When one finds his/herself in such situation, the individual needs counseling. Human problems comprise of three components which include thought, feelings, and action from interaction. A client may be a single individual, a class or an entire community and problems treated may be as little as ineffective study habits, as broad as inadequate personality or  as fundamental as inablilty to feed oneself which will be treated by a counselor under one on one contact session.
The range of issues people bring to counselor varied and may include one or all of the following:

·    Personal problems
·    Social problems
·    Academics challenges
·    Poor academic performance;
·    Study habit
·    Sexual abuse
·    Problem of indigency
·    Norm violating behavior
·    Examination malpractices
·    Dress code
·    Cultism
·    Addictions
·    Career pressure
·    Family issues
·    Marital problems
·    Bereavement
·    Difficulties in relationship
·    Depression
·    Disappointment
·    Uncertainty or other general problems

When  an individual encounters any of these he/she develops feelings such as
·    anger
·    anxiety
·    panic
·    fear
·    low self confidence
·    low self-esteem or
·    low mood

And when these happens, a  Counseling Psychologist guides the person in taking decision(s) that will enable him/her to resolve the problems which will involve exploring new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving, both within and between sessions. Hence the Counsellor may suggest small activities to encourage change. The result of the counselling can only be positive if  the activities are strictly carried out by the client.

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