Department of Home Science and Management

The Department of Home Science and Management was established in 1988 at the inception of the University of Agriculture. The Department offers a degree programme in Home Science and Management with options in Clothing and Textiles, Nutrition and Dietetics, Child Development and Family Studies, Home and Furnishing Design and Extension and Rural Development. With the establishment of Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, the Department of Home Science and Management now offers options only Clothing and Textiles, Child Development and Family Studies, and Extension and Rural Development. The Department of Home Science and Management is one of the Departments that make up the College of Food Science and Human Ecology.






The philosophy of the Department is geared towards the training of students in the multi-disciplinary field of the study, which engender the variety of roles and tasks involving contemporary family in community and social life. In essence, the programme involves a broad-base study of family life involving child education, food and nutrition, extension, textile and clothing, and consumer needs, as well as the application of these to improving aesthetic, social, economic, technical and scientific principles. Consequently, the Department of Home Science and Management trains the students in the above broad area ensuring the production of highly skilled manpower through adoption of effective techniques of instructions, laboratory practicals, field demonstration and workshop practice such that our graduates can choose to specialize in any of the relevant discipline.

The mandate of the Department is to teach and conduct research in all aspects of human and resource management of the home. To extend the knowledge of same, to improve our immediate and wider global environment. In order to achieve the above stated mandate, the Department is committed to achieving the following goals:

  • To make the Department a unique centre for vocational training


  • To focus research efforts on area of relevance to our immediate environment, local and global family needs.


  • To encourage inter-disciplinary cooperation in research among staff and other external affiliation.


  • To train competent future leaders for the vocational and industrial sectors, government and non-government establishment as well as the national and international labour market yearning for solutions to the family, community and national problems.

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