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Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta

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Commercial and Innovation

The Crop Unit ( Commercial and Innovation Dept of the Directorate of the University Farms ( DUFARMS) took off in November 2012. Since then the Unit has launched into large scale production of arable crops like yam, maize, cassava, rice.
The Unit also involves in the production of other sundry crops such as plantain/ banana, moringa oleifera, pawpaw, pineapple, garden egg and leafy vegetables.
The basic functions of the unit amongst others are to
(1)    identify and establish viable and profitable agricultural ventures.
(2)    identify and establish ventures with value addition for crop.
(3)    engage in marketing of produce from the established ventures.
(4)    ensure proper accounting system for the different ventures
(5)    generate revenue for the University.
Staff strength and Disposition:
The Unit has ten ( 10 ) members of staff ( both Senior and Junior)

Rice Production Farm

Garden Egg Farm

Pineapple Orchard

Honduras Banana Plantation

Commercial Maize Production

Commercial Soybean Production

Maize Farm: Commercial & Innovation

Moringa  oleifera

Cassava Production Farm

Cassava Farm: Commercial & Innovation DUFARMS

Yam Production Farm

Yam Production Farm

Pawpaw Plantation

Teaching and Research

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