The Department of Biochemistry was established in the year 2000 when the Department of Chemical Sciences was split into two departments, namely : Biochemistry and Chemistry Departments respectively.


The training in Biochemistry should respond to the needs of the students, the changing nature of the subject, expectations of society and the human resources requirements of the public and private sectors. Subject specific knowledge must be complemented with the acquisition of skills that adequately prepare the graduate not only for white collar jobs but also self employment. Training must emphasize the inculcation of communication, entrepreneurial, problem solving, life long learning and information technology skills so as to make the training relevant to society and industry, and engender ability of graduates to create jobs. The above considerations have development of the aims and objectives set out below:


The B.Sc. degree programme in Biochemistry like many other degree options in the College of Natural Sciences is intended to be a four year programme designed to teach the basic concepts of the chemistry of life, from microorganisms to man.

The primary aim of the B.Sc. Biochemistry programme is to provide a sound and all-round education in the basic science of Biochemistry up to the bachelor’s degree level.

The programme also aims at:

i. making students to be aware of the relevance of biochemistry in various ways and areas in meeting the manpower needs of the country, especially in the fields of industry, medicine and agriculture;

ii. developing a research culture in the Department in consonance with current trends in the biochemical world so as to inculcate broad scientific discipline in undergraduate students;

iii. providing appropriate courses for students from other departments – Biological Sciences, Environmental Management and Toxicology, Veterinary Medicine, Chemistry who require a working knowledge of biochemistry;

providing a solid academic background for specialized training in biochemistry at higher degree levels (M.Sc., Ph.D.)