In accordance with the requirements of the National Universities Commission (NUC) stipulated for all degree programmes, UNAAB offers courses in General Studies which are generally unrelated to the courses characterizing each degree programme. In 1999, the University Senate vide Senate Meeting of February 18, 1999 approved the establishment of a Centre for General Studies (CGS). The CGS was expected to have taken-off since the 2001/2002 session. However, the lack of implementation was believed to have been as a result of limitations to the scope of academic and research activities, and staff carrying capacities of a centre.


At the meeting of April 2006, the Senate approved (in principal) that the Department be converted to an Institute as the present staff of the General Studies Department are gradually moving up on the academic ladder and are, therefore, restricted by the present arrangement specifically with limitations on research and postgraduate work. However, at the November 2006 meeting, Senate again reconsidered the proposal to convert the Department to an Institute and approved that the Department be changed to the Department of Communication and General Studies and be allowed to run its postgraduate Diploma and Master