Mechanical Engineering applies basic scientific principles to the design, manufacture, operation and maintenance of all forms of mechanical devices, as well as to the management of the human and material resources necessary for these activities.  Courses are therefore offered to impart sound knowledge to students on the art of application of the related principles.

The philosophy is to produce skilled manpower who understand the fundamentals and principle of discipline and who can generate technologies for the nation’s development and technological advancement.

On successful completion of the programme the graduate shall be able to

•    Prepare and read engineering drawing.

•    Develop ideas and concepts for the solution of practical mechanical engineering problems using divergent thinking and induction.

•    Exercise initiative, judgement and creative ability in the use of engineering principles for the solution of practical engineering problems.

•    Use appropriate technology to install, operate, maintain and service plant/machinery tools and equipment.

•    Apply management principles to solve management and organization problems related to any Engineering set up.