Course Code: FWM 313

Course Title: Forest Mensuration and Inventory

Number of Units: 3 UNITS

Course Duration: 4 Hours per week

Course Coordinator: Dr. M.F. Adekunle B.For, MF, PhD


Office Location: COLERM

Other Lecturers: Mr. Oladoye and Dr. Adetogun


Course Synopsis

Measurement in forest; growth; increment; yield; purpose of measurement in forest (valuation, management and research); measurement systems; theory of tree measurements (diameter, height, crown measures); instruments for measuring diameter and height; instruments for measuring tree heights; direct method; indirect method; taper and form; stand measurement; representative stand height; crown closure; complete and incomplete canopy; introduction to volume estimation; measurements of volume estimation; methods of volume estimation; expression of form; volume table method of volume estimation; requirements of a good volume table method.


FWM 313 Lecture Note

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