Course Code: FWM 401


Number of Units: 3 UNITS

Course Duration: 3 Hours per week

Course Coordinator: Dr. M.F. Adekunle B. For, MF, PhD


Office Location: COLERM

Other Lecturers: Dr. Oladoye and Dr. Adetogun.


Course Synopsis

Summary; the importance of effective sampling techniques in forest management; introduction; meaning and scope of forest inventory; sampling in
forest inventory and its importance; relative emphasis of the elements of a forest inventory; the sampling design; the simple random sampling; the
stratified random sampling; multistage sampling design; multi-phase sampling design; cluster sampling; selective sampling; systematic sampling designs;
statistical tools in the processing of data collected in a sampling exercise (variance, standard deviation, standard errors and confidence limits, coefficient
of variation, covariance, correlation coefficient, regression); the application of effective sampling techniques in forest management in Nigeria; early
enumerations of the Nigerian high forest reserves; recipes for effective sampling techniques for forest management; conclusion.


FWM 401 Lecture Note

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