Information and Communication Technology Resource Centre (ICTREC) is fast becoming the pivot in which mist activities on University Campuses revolve and it is on it academic, administrative and other elements in the higher education processes ride.  This is because Computer and allied Communication Technologies are becoming “must have tools” for delivering good and result oriented higher education. It is for this reason that every campus in the universe is not now complete without a dynamic computer infrastructure and services at the centre for teaching, learning, research and extension.  Like many other Universities, the wobbly development of ICT on FUNAAB campus arises from the fact that it evolved not as a dynamically planned activity.  Hence, the haphazard way the technology was introduced had imposed some strictures and limitations that have posed as bottlenecks and impediments to the orderly growth of ICT on FUNAAB campus.  This is not to recognize the enormous remedial measures that have become necessary in order to turn the tide on ICT use on Campus.

ICT in FUNAAB had a very humble beginning and its development had not been free from the challenges which many such units in Nigerian Universities faced at their inception even with the existence of a Computer Science Department.

The Information and Communication Technology Resource Centre (ICTREC) developed from the lowly beginning of what was initially named Computer Centre under the current management.  It inherited most of the infrastructure and services of the said Computer Centre as well as some of the headaches of the old structure.  The Centre now operates with the following units:



Network Administration and Internet Service

Responsible for:

  • the integrity, maintenance and efficiency of the Campus Network;
  • provision of Internet Services on campus;
  • maintenance of all servers connected to the network and security management;
  • maintenance of network infrastructures i.e. optic fibres, wireless access points, Ethernet cables, switches, routers e.t.c. in all buildings on Campus;
  • the maintenance of the VSAT farm;
  • CISCO administration.

Open User

Responsible for:

  • providing direct computer access to staff and students at appropriate charge per time unit;
  • On-line Registration for students.

Management Information Systems

Responsible for:

  • the management of staff and students’ records;
  • processing of ID Cards;
  • supply of information to Management and other authorized users in desired formats;
  • Working with Timetable and Examination Committee (TIMTEC) to generate examination and lecture time table;
  • attending to clients’ complaints and enquiries.


Responsible for:

  • organizing computer training programmes for staff and students;
  • offering professional certification courses in CISCO training.

Project Development

Responsible for:

  • development, management and updating of the university website;
  • development and management of in-house applications like Result Processing Application, Postgraduate, INHURD and Post UTME portals


Responsible for:

The trouble shooting and maintenance of computer systems and accessories within the University community;

routine maintenance of Central Computer Laboratory, ICTREC Training Centres i.e. 500 Seater Computer Lab, (MPB 02, 03 & 04), and ICTREC Training Centre at GTB donated building;

Deploying multimedia systems for seminars, conferences, workshops and lectures

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