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Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta

Home Livestock Unit

The Livestock Unit maintains animals actively used for research work at both Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels.  Besides, it provides practical experience to students on the management of the different livestock types.  Active commercial operations of the Livestock Unit are undertaken for broilers and egg production in the Poultry Section.  The various sections of the Livestock Units are as follows:
Cattle, Small Ruminants, Piggery, Rabbitry, Poultry(Layers and Broilers), Animal Breeding (Turkey and Chicken) and Micro livestock (Cane Rat and Snails).

The Livestock Unit is fully complemented with the Feed mill section where Feed Rations of desired formulations for the respective classes of livestock on the farm are compounded and distributed accordingly.

University Cattle Herd

COLVET Students Practical on the Farm

Weaner Pigs on the Farm

The Farm’s Sheep stock being led out for grazing

Rabbit: New Zealand Red Breed

Rabbit:   Brevren Kids

Broilers in the Brooding Pen

Turkey raised for sales at Christmas

Students’ Practical at the Poultry Breeding Unit

Students Planting Fodder in the Ruminant Paddock

Students Planting Fodder in the Ruminant Paddock

Harvested Fish for Processing

Oven –Fresh Smoked Fish

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