Authors: Lasekan, O.O., Babajide, J.M. and Tuwase, O.A. (2004)


The proximate, mineral composition and sensory evaluation of pupuru (a smoked, ball – moulded fermented cassava dough) and soy – pupuru (with proportions 10:90, 15:85, 20:80, 25:75) flours were studied. From the results, the protein value increased as the level of soy-flour inclusion increased. In the same way, the mineral composition with the exception of Zinc increased as the fortification level increased with calcium and potassium having higher amounts compared with other mineral elements that were determined. The ranges were 12.70-63.70mg100-1g and 6.00-30.60mg100-1g respectively. The value of zinc remains constant in all the samples.

The results show that “pupuru” fortified with 10% soy-flour was the most acceptable because there was no significant difference at 5% probability level between this sample and the control (100% “pupuru”). The other samples were significantly difference at 5% probability level from the control with the 25:75 soy-“pupuru” flour having the lowest overall acceptability.

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