Office of the Director
Ø  Oversight functions for all the Coordinating Units
Ø  Policy formulation and implementation

Intramurals, Life Plus and Wellness Unit

Ø  Student Intramural/Club Sports
Ø  Staff Intramurals/Staff Sport Clubs
Ø  Wellness & Life Plus Programmes
Ø  Aerobic Dance & Fitness Programmes
Ø  Hydro-therapy services
Ø  Community Sports Outreach and Recreation
Ø  Gym Exercise: Prescription & Supervision

Technical Development and Extramurals Unit

Ø  Programme Development
Ø  Scouting, Talent Discovery and Youth Development
Ø  Recruitment and Admission
Ø  Extramural Competitions, Documentations and Compliance
Ø  Technical Development of Coaching Personnel
Ø  FUNAAB Sports Academy

Marketing, Sponsorships & Corporate Partnerships Unit
Ø  Endowments
Ø  Alumni/Individual Donations
Ø  Team Branding Sponsorship
Ø  Programme/Event Branding
Ø  Sports/Wellness Equipment Donations & Supports
Ø  Marketing Sports Programmes, Service and Facilities
Ø  Merchandise Sales etc

General/Special Duties Unit

Ø  Student Athletes Academics Relations
Ø  Events Management, Social & Welfare
Ø  Athletic Media Relations and FUNAAB Community Sports Awareness
Ø  Facilities and Equipment oversight
Ø  Hostel Accommodation
Ø  Surveillance & Transportation Logistics
Ø  Cheer leading

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