i) Thesis/Dissertation

i. IKUSIKA O (1985).  Antibody titre in relation to route of Antigenic administration in rabbits. M.Sc. Thesis submitted to the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

ii. IKUSIKA O (1991). Human virus Type 6 share SNA sequence homology with Human herpes Type 1 to 5.

Postgraduate Diploma in Medical Molecular Biology (Pg. Dip. Med. Mol. Bio.) Dissertation submitted to School of Biological Sciences, Polytechnic of Central London (now School of Biological Sciences, University of Westminster, London, UK).

iii. IKUSIKA O (1991).  Molecular characterization of Human herpes Type 6 virus M. Phil Thesis submitted to the Faculty of Medicine, University of London.

iv. IKUSIKA O (2000). Evaluation of Epidemiology factors of Measles Infection in Nigeria and Sequence Analysis of local isolates of the virus in Nigeria.  Ph.D. Thesis submitted to the Faculty of Basic Medicine Sciences, University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

v. IKUSIKA O (2009).  Postgraduate Certificate in Education & Post Compulsory Certificate & Training (PGCE/PCE) Dissertation submitted to Faculty of Education University of East, London.

ii. Journal Articles in Print.


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