Papers in Referred Conference Proceeding

1. Sanni, L.O., Onitilo, M, Oyewole, O. B., Dipeolu, A. O., Adebayo, K., Ayinde, I. A., Tomlins, K. and Westby, A. (2003). Effects of cassava varieties and processing methods on the qualities of tapioca in Southwest Nigeria. Paper presented at the Food Africa Initiative held at the Palais du Congress, Younde, Cameroon

2. Onitilo, M; L. Sanni, B. Maziya-Dixon and A. Dixon ( 2004). Varietal differences in the physicochemical, functional, pasting properties and granule size of starches from different cassava mosaic disease resistance varieties. Proceedings of the 9thTriennial Symposium of the International Society for Tropical Root Crops-Africa Branch (ISTRC-AB), Mombasa, Kenya, (Edited by N.M Mahungu and V.M Manyong), 1-5th Nov 2004, 494-505.

3. Adegunwa, M.O., Edema, M.O., Sanni, L.O and Maziya-Dixon, B. (2010). Proximate Composition and physical properties of Steamed Sour cassava starch Bread. Proceedings of the 34th Conference of the Nigeria Food Science and Technology held at Garden City, Port- Harcourt, Oct 18th-22nd, 2010

4. Adegunwa, M.O., Bakare, H.A. and Yeku, E.O. (2011). Effects of varieties and processing methods on the proximate composition of ‘Donkunnu’. Proceedings of the 35th Conference of the Nigeria Food Science and Technology held at Benue Hotels Ltd, Makurdi, Oct 10th-14th, 2011.

Unpublished Conference, workshop/seminars in the last five years and paper read


5. Adegunwa, M.O., Sanni, L.O. and Maziya-Dixon, B. (2010). Effects of fermentation length and varieties on the pasting properties of sour cassava starch. Paper presented at ISTRC-AB at DR-Congo, Kinshasa, Oct 4th-8th, 2010.

6. A.A Adebowale, S.A. Sanni, F.M. Awolola and M.O Adegunwa (2011). Effect of soaking pre-treatments on nutritional composition and functional properties of Bambara Groundnut (Virgna susterranea) flour. Paper presented at the 2nd International Symposium on underutilized plant species crops for the future- beyond food security, 27th June- 1st July, 2011 at the Royal Chulan Hotel, Malaysia.

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