Papers in press
1. Acquired incisor maloclusion in an adult buck. Conference proceedings, National Veterinary Medical Association 2008. Thomas, F.C., Ajayi, O.L., Adenubi, O.T., Adeleye, E.O., Olaniyi, O.M., Adeleye A.I., Agbaje, M.

2. Hexamethonium produces both twitch and tetanic depression without fade in common African toad (Bufo regularis). Nigerian Journal of Physiological Sciences (In Press). Ajibola, E.S., Adebayo, A.O., Adenubi, O.T., Thomas, F.C., Rahman, S.A. and Oguntoke, P.C.

3. Toxicological effects of aqueous extract of the leaves of Acalypha wilkesiana in Rats (IN PRESS). Olukuknle, J.O., Biobaku, K.T., Adenubi, O.T., Ajibola, E.S., Thomas, F.C., Sogebi, E.A.O., Adebowale, O.O. and Amusan , A.T. Recent Process in Medicinal plants

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