(a) Research in Progress:
(i) Service and ultimate limit state analyses of prestressed concrete structures incorporating post-tensioned tendons and post-compressed bars.
(ii) Monitoring-based maintenance strategy for existing structures using smart sensing techniques.
(iii) Fatigue life assessment and probabilistic estimation of residual life of existing civil structures.
(iv) Stochastic service life assessment of RC and PC structures under operational loading and environmental stressor.
(v) Assessment of soil-structure interaction.
(vi) Durability assessment of concrete structures under thermal loading and chemical attacks.
(vii) Evaluation of time-dependent deterioration of reinforced concrete structures.

(b) Research Completed but not yet Published:
(i) Improvement of vibration-based SHM techniques using flexibility indices.
(ii) Exploration of angular rotational-based flexibility method for reliable damage localization.
(iii) Comparative assessment of robustness of flexibility-based damage indices using displacement, distributed strain and rotation measurements.
(iv) Exploratory implication recycled glass reuse as aggregates in concrete.
(v) Physical, chemical and mechanical assessment of reinforcing bars in Nigerian markets.


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