a)  “Best Farmer of the Year”. Awarded by Farm Practical Year, University of Agriculture.

b) “Award of Distinction for numerous contributions to farm practical year programme and skill acquisition” (capacity building). Awarded by Farm Practical Year students 2007/2008 Session.

c) “Best Research fellow of the year 2012”. Awarded by Institute of Food Security, Environmental Resources and Agricultural Research (IFSERAR), Federal University of Agriculture.

d) Award of Excellence for Pioneer Leadership, 19th December, 2012. Awarded by Postgraduate student Association, Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria.

e) Induction: Inducted into the Hall of Fame of Umar Kabir of the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta

b). Scholarships

  1. TETFUND Funded Project worth 2 million titled “Demonstration and Performance of triple of lowland rice-cowpea/vegetable cum fish production in sawah in selected secondary schools in Abeokuta”2016/2017 .
  2. TETFUND Funded Project worth 1.499 million titled “Adoption and performance of rice plants in-between lowland rice-cowpea/vegetable in sawah systems among farmers in Ogun State” 2015/2016.
  3. Member of Team that won 10 million Competitive West Africa Agricultural Productivity Programme (WAAPP Project): titled “Improving Child Nutrition in Nigeria Using Yellow-Fleshed Cassava/Sorghum Based Complementary Food. It is a World Bank Funded project
  4. Facilitated Crop Research Programme to sign Memorandum of Understanding: (MoU) with International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) for the establishment of 10 ha of cassava for cutting multiplication worth N1 million. Funded by National Cassava Transformation Agenda of the FG of Nigeria.
  5. Won twelve million naira (N12 million): worth of West Africa Agricultural Productivity Programme (WAAPP) to establishment of 50 ha of cassava for cutting multiplication August, 2013. World Bank project
  6. Host Scientist: On-the-Job Research Capacity Building for Sustainable agriculture in Developing Countries: Title of capacity building/ research: Training of Trainers on sustainable management of sawah rice production system. US$22, 200.00 worth project awarded by United Nations University Institute for Sustainability and Peace
  7. Sawah Rice Project extension activities: Sawah rice based Technology: $15, 000 worth project awarded by Kinki University, Japan in 2010 and 2011 cropping seasons to show-cased sawah rice technology to farmers in Ogun State.

Other awarded grants participated in

viii Curriculum Development for Organic Agriculture Project in Tertiary Institution in Nigeria (OAPTIN) of the England and Africa project (EAP). Funded by the UK Department of Innovation, Universities and Skills (DIUS).

ix Work, Earn and Learn Programme of Educational Partnerships in Africa (EPA). Funded by the UK Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS). Team Member

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