(i) Completed:

(1) Bayesian model selection for multilevel mediation models.
(2) Bayesian model selection for longitudinal count data.
(3) Simultaneous Bayesian modelling of skew-normal longitudinal measurements with non-ignorable
(4) A Robust non-linear mixed-effects model for COVID-19 deaths in African.

(ii) In progress:
(5) Longitudinal mediation analysis of cognitive ability on age-related diseases: LASA (Longitudinal
Ageing Study of Amsterdam) project.
(6) Exploring posterior p-values for model assessment in longitudinal modelling.
(7) Exploring prior distributions for constrained correlation matrices.
(8) A Spatio-temporal study of prevalence HIV in Mexico: analyses of descriptive Spatio-temporal
features, risks’ tendencies and clustering by state.
(9) Bayesian autoregressive linear model: Sensitivity to prior and sample

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