(i) Research Completed (stating dates)
– Undergraduate student performance in Agriculturein two higher institutions in Nigeria 1998 – 2003
– Refuse dumps and the environment; A case study of some Selected cities in Nigeria 2007- 2008
– Information and Training Needs of Poultry farmers in Edo State, Nigeria 2008- 2010
– Rural Youths participation in Cattle rearing in Oyo State, State 2010 -2012

(ii) Research in Progress
– Rural Farmers’ involvement in intensive Pig Management Production in Osun State, Nigeria
– Value addition to the livelihood of rural farm families through, the utilization of Manihot sp. (Peels) in Ogun state
– Demographic Characteristics of Cassava Peels Producer in the South-west Geo-political Zone of Nigeria.
– Land profile modification as a result of anthropogenic effects in Ibadan Metropolis, Oyo State, Nigeria.
– Determinants of Farm succession by Farm Children in the Rural Communities of Osun State, Nigeria
– Predictors of non-participation on Agricultural Science graduates in Agricultural Enterprise in Kwara State.
– Comparative Assessment of Livestock Extension Services to Rural Farmers in Osun and Oyo State.
– Comparison of Farm Succession Patterns of Rural Farmers and Urban, Private Farmers in Oyo State, Nigeria.

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