1995 University of Nigeria
• DVM Project: Differences between the left and right granulosa cells of the Corpora lutea of a sow.2002 University of Ibadan, Ibadan.

• MPVM Thesis: Socio-economic Factors Association with Non-vaccination of Dogs Against Rabies and its Public Health Implication in Ibadan City, Oyo State. 2007 Nigerian Veterinary Journal

• Socio Economic factors associated with Non vaccination of Dogs against Rabies in Ibadan, Nigeria
• Cross-sectional study of dog ownership in South-western States, Nigeria
• Survey on the use of veterinary drugs in fish farms in Abeokuta
• A survey of Capillaria hepatica in trapped Rattus rattus in Abeokuta
• Isolation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in a case of wound infection in cattle in Nigeria
• Common Enteric bacteria on the floor and crevices of Lafenwa abattoir
before and after slaughtering activities
• Beliefs, knowledge and attitudes of teenagers towards rabies in Abeokuta

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