i) Completed:

• Pharmacologic evaluation of the coccidiostatic potential of Khaya senegalensis extract and powder in combination with Vitamin C in broilers, (IFSERAR, UNAAB sponsored project).(2010)

• Investigation on the subchronic toxicity of Khaya senegalensis in Wistar rats.(2010)

• M.Sc. (2007). Effect of Magnesium chloride and Wheat bran supplementation on diminazene aceturate efficacy in Trypanosome brucei inoculated Wistar albino rats.  

• PDE(2006). Comparative study on the level of awareness of sex education and HIV AIDS in Usmanu Dan Fodio University and Sokoto State Polytechnic.

• DVM Project (2005): Effect of combination of Khaya senegalensis bark extract and diminazene aceturate in Wistar albino rats inoculated with Trypanosoma brucei.

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