(i) Elem. Maths. & Further Maths.

(ii) Pre-Degree & Sub-Degree Maths.

(iii) Quantitative Techniques (Algebra &Statistics).

(iv) MTS 101 & 102: Algebra, Calculus & Trigonometry.

(v) CSC 201: Intr. to Computer Science.

(vi) CSC 251: Numerical Analysis I

(vii) MTS 201: Mathematical Foundations (for non-majors)

(viii) MTS 223: Real Analysis I

(ix) MTS 242: Mathematical Methods

(x) MTS 321: Complex Analysis I

(xi) STS 201: Elem. Applied Statistics (for non-majors)

(xii) STS 221: Probability Theory I

(xiii) STS 343: Sampling Techniques I

(xiv) STS 452: Design of Experiment II

(xv) STS 391: Sampling Techniques I (LAB.)

(xvi) STS 496: Design of Experiment II (LAB.)

(xvii) STS 421: Advanced Probability Theory etc.

3. The Courses I am teaching now

(i) STS 201: Applied Statistics (Non-Majors)(Seven lecturers teaching about 1300 students, three hours per week. Our contributions are equally weighted).

(ii) STS 311: Distribution Theory I.

(iii) STS 421: Probability Theory III.

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