(i) Completed

a. Takeet, M. I and Fagbemi, B. O.: Prevalence and molecular characterization of trypanosomes of cattle in Ogun and Kaduna States Nigerian (2015)  

b. Biobaku, K.T., Okediran, B. S., Takeet, M.I., Akinloye, O.A., Adekunle, M. F., Ayinde, I. A., Ajayi, O. L and Eruvbetine, D.: Pharmacologic evaluation of the coccidiostatic potential of Khaya senegalensis stem bark extract and powder combined with vitamin C in broiler (2014).

c. Takeet, M. I and Fagbemi, B. O.: Haematological, Biochemical and Pathological Changes in Experimental Single and Mixed Infections of Trypanosoma brucei and Trypanosoma congolense in Rabbits (2009).   

 (ii)  In Progress:

a. Molecular characterization and genetic diversity of Theileria species of cattle, sheep and goats in Nigeria.

b. The molecular assessment of the helminths ova and coccidial oocysts load of organically produced vegetables in Ogun state.

c. Molecular characterization of Internal Transcribed (ITS) gene of Fasciola species detected in cattle and sheep in Nigeria.


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