Research Interests:
• Theoretical and Experimental fluid dynamics. Similarity Solutions, Partial Differential Equations and Numerical Methods. Convective flows (steady and unsteady) such as Natural or Free, Forced, and Mixed Convection in Porous and Non-Porous Media, MHD Effects on Linear and Non-Linear Stretching Sheets. Particularly, the governing (N-S) Partial Differential Equations are converted into the coupled, nonlinear Ordinary Differential Equations by introducing Similarity/ Non-dimensional Variables with appropriate Boundary Conditions.

• Computational Methods for Flow, Heat, and Mass Transfer.
• Heat Transfer Enhancement by Nanofluids.
• Flows Influenced by External Forces (e.g. Gravitational, Magnetic, Electric, etc).
• Design of Heat Transfer Equipment

Research In Progress
1. Slip Effects on MHD Flow of Viscous Fluid Over Isothermal Linear and Non-Linear Reactive Stretching Sheets.
2. Boundary Layer Analysis of Flow, Heat and Mass Transfer in Dusty Fluids (Solid-Liquid Surface Particle Interaction).
3. Boundary Layer Analysis of Flow, Heat and Mass Transfer of Surfaces Immersed in a Thermally Stratified Environment.
4. Numerical Investigation of the Flow and Heat Transfer of Nanofluids over Stretching Sheets with Navier (Partial Slip) Boundary Conditions.
5. Soret and Dufor Effects on MHD Boundary Layer Flow Past Stretching Sheets.
6. Applications of the Merk-Chao-Fagbenle Series to Thermal Boundary Layers.
7. Boundary Layer Analysis of Flow, Heat and Mass Transfer in Non-Newtonian Fluids.
8. Modeling of boundary Layer Flow and Heat transfer in viscoelastic nanofluids.
9. Numerical analysis of Sakiadis flow problems with reference to Maxwell Nanofluid
10. Development of Mathematical Models and solutions of non-Newtonian Brinkman’s type and second grade fluids.

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