Articles in Learned Journals
1. Obanu, Z.A. and Ajayi, F.O. (1985) : Quality Deterioration in Tilapia during Storage in Refrigeration Brine. Fishery Technology ;22:24-27.

2. Ajayi, F.O.A. (1987) : Factors Affecting Composition and Nutritional Quality of Fish Silage Products .Nig. J. Biotechnology, 4: 105-109.

3. AJAYI, F.O.A. (1988) : Biological Aspects of Fish Pond Management FAMAN Journal,3: 69-75.

4. Akegbejo-Samsons, Y., George F.O.A. Agbon, A.O. (2005) : Growth , reproduction and aquaculture potentials of the African body tongue fish (Heterotis niloticus) in ponds and reservoirs in coastal South-West States of Nigeria. Asset Series A. Vol. 5(1) : 65-71.

5. Alegbeleye, W.O., Odulate, D.O. ,Obasa, S.O. and George F.O.A. (2005): Potential of toasted Lima bean (Phaseolus lunatus) as a substitute for full fat soybean meal in diets for Oreochromis niloticus fingerling . Moor Journal of Agricultural Research.Vol. 6(1&2): 92-98.

6. George, F.O.A and Otubusin, S.O. (2007) : Fish Feed Development for sustainable Aquaculture Fish Production in Africa. FAMAN Journal, 9 (1) :16-21. [Abstract]

7. George, F.O.A. Obasa, S.O. and Otubusin, S.O. (2007): Growth response and carcass quality of African catfish, Clarias gariepinus (Burchell, 1822) fed multi-enzyme-supplemented soybean meal diets. Journal of Applied Tropical Agriculture, 12 (1&2): 51-59.

8. Obasa, S.O. and George, F.O.A. (2007): Growth response, nutrient utilization and yield of pond raised brackish water catfish (Chrysicthys walker) fed full fat extruded soybean meal based diets. Journal of Applied Tropical Agriculture 12 (1&2): 73-77.

Articles in Edited Proceedings

9. Akeredolu, M.O. and Ajayi, A. (1995): Communication issues in extention : Informedness and explanatory ability of village extension agents in Lagos State. In:Adedoyin S.F. and Aihonsu J.O.Y.(Eds). Proceedings of the 8th Annual Conference of the Nigerian Rural Sociological Association. Pp 294-302.

10. George, F.O.A., Oyefusi, T.A. and Morakinyo,A.(2001):Environmental and Nutritional impacts of varying feed particle size in the culture of hybrid catfish , Heteroclarias. In: Olayemi , J.K. and Akande, S.O. (Eds). Proceedings of the 16th Annual Conference of the Farm Management Association of Nigeria (FAMAN); Abeokuta, Pp.159-164.

11. George, F.O.A. and Adekoya, B.B (2003) :The Nigerian Fisheries Policy and its influence on private sector participation in fisheries. In: Okuneye, P.A. and Adebayo,k (Eds) Proceedings of the 18th National Conference of the Farm Management Association of Nigeria, Calabar, Pp.103-108.

12. George, F.O.A. and Otubusin, S.O. (2004) :Growth responses, feed conversion and survival of Clarias gariepinus Juveniles fed fish soybean-meal diets supplemented with commercial digestive enzymes.Towards fish sufficiency in Africa.In: Okuneye, P. and Evbuomwan, G.O. (Eds). Proceedings of the 7th Biennial Congress of the African Farm Management Association (AFMA), Abuja,Pp. 221-229.

13. George, F.O.A. and Omoniyi,I.T. (2005) :Prospects and Challenges of Organic aquaculture in Nigeria. In: Olasantan, F.O.; Ayelaagbe,O.O.; Olowe,V.I.O.; Phillip, B.B. and Babalola,O.A. (Eds). Proceedings, 1st National Conference on Organic Agriculture, UNAAB, Nigeria,Pp.208-212.

14. George, F.O.A. and Adedigba, A.E. (2007) : Fish Production in Earthen Ponds: Common cultured species, yield and marketing constraints in Oyo state, Nigeria. In : Aihonsu,J.O.Y.; Olubanjo, O.O.; Akinleye, S.O. and Okuneye, P.A. (Eds.). Proceedings, 21st Annual Conference of the Farm Management Association of Nigeria(FAMAN), Pp. 223-225.

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