CPP 201- Introduction to crop production
CPP 202- Morphology of crop and plants
FMP 301- Farm practice I
FMP 302- Farm practice II
FPY 406- Livestock Production and Management
PRM 502- Forage conservation and quality
APH 507- Pasture and Range Management
AGS 597- Seminar I
AGS 598- Seminar II
AGP 599- Project
ANS 705- Advanced technology in Animal Science Research
PDA 722- Forage conservation Technology
PRM504- Management of Grassalands
PRM 505- Principles of Pasture and Range Management
PRM 701- Pasture Ecology
PRM 708- Pasture in farming Systems
PRM 304- Principles of tropical pasture production
CRP 813- Pasture in farming systems and Enviroment management
CRP 808 – Agronomy, ecology and physiology of Pasture plants

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