Journal Article in Print

1 *  Labode O. J. (2010): The Interpretation of Aso Oke as cultural materials in      Abeokuta. Journal of Arts and Ideas (JAI)  Vol. 15 ISSN 1118-7328, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, 92-101.

2  * Labode O. J. (2009): Traditional Weaving Among Yoruba Women, International Journal of African Culture and Ideas.Vol. 9 No.1&2, Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomosho.

3 *    Soge E.O. & Labode O.J. (2015): The Importance of Art Exhibition in Leisure an Recreational Education, Art Monitor. Vol.2,ISSN2449-1454, A Journal Publication of the Department of Creative Arts, Tai Solarin University of Education, Ijebu Ode

4 Labode O.J. & Soge E.O. (2012): Building Ornamentation As a Form Decorative Art For Visual Aesthetics, Ijinle Asa, Journal of Arts, Culture & ideas. Vol.7,ISSN 0794-0769


5 Labode O.J. &Adubi K.O. & Savage O.G.(2013): The Aesthetic of Wall Hanging &Design As Part of The Furniture Arrangement for Office &Home Interior, Ijinle Asa, Journal of Arts, Culture & ideas. Vol.8,ISSN 0794-0769

6 Labode O.J. & Soge E.O. (2012): Patterns & Symbols of Olokun Worship in Be Visual Aesthetics,Nigerian Art Reflections. A Journal of The Society of Nigerian Artists, ISSN 1596-5325

Paper accepted for journal publications

(1) * Labode O. J. (2010). Symbolic Significance of Body Adornment among the Yoruba of South-Western Nigeria, Journal Society of Nigerian Artist, 9 ISSN 1596-5325

(2) * Labode O. J. and Braid O. O. (2008): Costume in Entertainment among Yoruba Performing Artistes, Journal of Ijinle Asa, Vol. 5 ISSN 0794-0769


Edited conference proceedings

(1) * Labode O. J. (2009). Western and Brazilian Influence on Yoruba Architecture in Abeokuta, 4th National Symposium on Nigeria Art. Theme: ‘Art and Technology in a Developing Society’ 29 Nov.-3rd Dec. Edited by Noserime R. and Akeredolu S.

(2) * Labode O. J. (2008). Shrines Objects as Symbols of Art in Yoruba South-Western Nigeria, Society of Nigerian Artists, 2008 National Conference, Nov. 24th-26th, Abeokuta, Ogun State. Edited by Badaru K. and Adeyemi A.

(3) * Labode O. J. (2008). Traditional Belief of Yoruba Culture, 3rd National Symposium on Nigerian Art. Theme: “Cultural Synthesis and Nigerian Societies”, July 29th-31st. Edited by Ogene O. J. and Omonome E.

(4) * Labode O. J. (2008). Benin Contemporary Artist, 2nd National Symposium on Nigerian Art. Theme: Style, Schools and Movements in Nigerian Art September 26th-29th. Edited by Ademuleya B. A. and Kpakoronyi S.


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