Theses / Dissertations
ü Export of Agricultural Products in some Selected Local Government Area of Kogi State – Bachelor of Agriculture Project 1995
ü An Assessment of the Relationship Between Job Compensation and Employees Satisfaction: A Case Study of Global Soap and Detergent Industry Limited, Ilorin Kwara State – Master of Business Administration (MBA) Dissertation 1998.
ü Determinants of the Production of Some Selected Food Crops in Nigeria
M.Sc Agric. Econs Project 2001
ü Household Food Consumption Pattern and Food Security in the North-Central Nigeria – PhD Research Work- Completed 2009
ü Other Areas of Research Interest – Food and Consumer Economics, Development Economics and Agricultural Innovations.
Contribution to Chapter in Books
Abiodun E. and A. E Obayelu (1999):“Introduction to Computer” Published by Adelekan Printing Press, Ilorin, Kwara State.
Obayelu A. E and Okoruwa V. O (2007): Analysis of Child Labour and School Attendance in Nigeria: The Present and Future Implications. In M Rajasekhar (ed) on “Child Labour – Global Perspectives” AMICUS, the ICFAI University press, India, page ISBN 81-314-1309-8 (Abstract)
Okoruwa, V. O and Obayelu, A. E (2007): Need for New Farming Techniques to Improve Rural Farming and Entrepreneurships with Emphasis on Cassava Production. In Ekpenyon, D.B, Bassey, C. E and Okon, J. J (ed) on “Entrepreneurial Development as a Panacea for Poverty Alleviation in Akwa Ibom State” Panse Publisers Limited Ibadan Pp 87-105.

Chapter in a Book Accepted for Publication
Obayelu A. E (2010): Effects of Climate Change on Food and Human Security in Nigeria. Chapter 15, In Mohamed Behnassi and Sidney Draggan (ed) on “Global Food Insecurity: Rethinking Agricultural and Rural Development Paradigm and Policy” to be published by Springer, Netherland. Book contents outline found at
Journal Articles

1. Obayelu A. E and Adedapo A. (2006): The Effect of Climate on Poultry Productivity in Ilorin Kwara State, Nigeria. International Journal of Poultry Science 5 (11): 1061-1068, 2006. Asian Network for Scientific Information, 2006.

2. Obayelu, A. E and Ogunlade, I. (2006): Analysis of Uses of Information Communication Technology (ICT) for Gender Empowerment and Sustainable Poverty Alleviation in Nigeria. International Journal of Education and Development Using ICTs, University of the West Indies, Vol.2, No. 3. (Abstract)
3. Obayelu, A. E and T.T Awoyemi (2006): Consumers’ Perception on the use of Agrochemical and Agrochemical Residues in Yams: An Empirical Study of Kabba-Bunu Local Government Area of Kogi State, Nigeria. China Journal of Agricultural Economic Review, 4 (2):239-249
4. Okoruwa, V. O; A.E Obayelu and O. Ikoyo-Eweto (2006): Profitability of semi-intensive and intensive egg production in South- West and South- South zones of Nigeria. Nigeria Journal of Animal Production, 33 (1): 118-127
5. Obayelu, A. E (2007): Socio-economic Analysis of the Impacts of Avian Influenza Epidemic on Households Poultry Consumption and Poultry Industry in Nigeria: Empirical Investigation of Kwara State. Journal of Livestock Research for Rural Development (LRRD) Vol.19 January 2, 2007,
6. Obayelu A.E., Okoruwa V. O and Adeniyi, A. (2007): Socio-Economic Characteristics of Cattle Farmers and their Perceptions of Climatic Effects on Cattle Production in Kwara State, Nigeria. Animal Production Research Advances (APRA), 3 (2):108-114.ISSN 0794-4721. Available at
7. Obayelu A. E and Balogun O. L (2007): Cooperative: A Tool for Economic Growth and Development with Particular Reference to the North-Central Nigeria. International Journal of Development Studies. Vol. 2, No 3 pp 40-48
8. Obayelu A.E and B.L. Balogun (2007): Assessment of the Determinants and Implications of Agricultural Price Variability on Food Security in Nigeria. Global Journal of Agricultural Science, Vol.6 No.2; page 163-169, University of Calabar, Nigeria. ISSN 1596-2903. Available online at
9. Obayelu A. E., V. O Okoruwa and O.I.Y Ajani (2009): Cross-sectional Analysis of Food Demand in the North Central, Nigeria: the Quadratic Almost Ideal Demand System (QUAIDS) Approach. China Agricultural Economic Review (CAER), Vol.1 (2): 173-193 Emerald publication ISSN:1756-137X. Available online at
10. Obayelu A. E., V. O Okoruwa and Oni O. A. (2009): Analysis of Rural and Urban Households’ Food Consumption Differential in the North-Central, Nigeria: a Micro-Econometric Approach. Journal of Development and Agricultural Economics Vol. 1(2), pp. 018-026, May, 2009. Available online at
11. Obayelu, A. E. (2010): Effects of Global Food Price Crisis on Nutritional Status of Nigerians: Determinants, Coping Strategies, Policy Responses and Implications. APRN Journal of Agricultural and Biological Science (JABS), Vol. 5 No.2; pp 67-80 March Edition, ISSN 1990-6145. Available online at (Abstract)
12. Obayelu, A. E. (2010): Classification of Households into Food Security Status in the North-Central Nigeria: An Application of Rasch Measurement Model. Journal of Agricultural and Biological Science (JABS) Vol. 5 No.3; pp 26-41 May Edition, ISSN 1990-6145. Available online at (Abstract)
13. Obayelu, A. E. (2010): The Impacts of Global Financial and Economic Crisis on African Economies: Growth A Review. State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) Research Bulletin, Vol. 6, No. 1, pp 15-42 Available at (Abstract)
14. Obayelu, A. E. (2010): Effects of the Emerging Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) on Agricultural Knowledge Transfer to Smallholder Farmers in Nigeria. A newsletter on ‘Information Technology in Developing Countries’ published by International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) WG 9.4 India; Volume 20, No. 2 Pp 12-16, June 2010. Available online at (Abstract)
(iv) Working / Technical Papers
15. Obayelu, A. E. and Okoruwa, V. O (2005): Economic Reform in the Agricultural Sector of Nigeria: Merits and Demerits. Economics Working Paper Archive of the NEP-AFR. A report on new working papers in the area of Africa. Publication of IDEA. (Abstract)
16. Abiodun, Elijah Obayelu and Larry Uffort (2007): Comparative Analysis of the Relationship Between Poverty and Underground Economy in the Highly Developed, Transition and Developing Countries. Publication of Munich Personal RePEc Archive (MPRA), University Library of Munich, Germany. (Abstract)
17. Adenike Adebusola Adepoju, Adekunle Sheu Salau and Abiodun Elijah Obayelu (2007): The Effects of External Debt Management on Sustainable Economic Growth and Development: Lessons from Nigeria. Economic Working Paper. Publication of MPRA, University Library of Munich, Germany. (Abstract)

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