Research Focus and Contribution to Knowledge

My research focus is in the area of Crop Processing with special emphasis on the study of Engineering Properties and Oilseed Machine Development. Presently, there is no serious commercial production of vegetable oil (especially for beniseed – sesame) in Nigeria. The seeds are exported in the raw state to other countries. Processing the seed in this country will add value to it, create employment and eventually lead to the development of their production.
In the light of this, my research focus has been on the development of processing machines that would assist the small-scale oil processors increase their productivity, and with less drudgery. This was achieved by coming up with a package of low level equipment that they can afford. The components of the package would assist in the areas of dehulling, debittering, expelling, filtering and storage of the oil (Papers 3, 4, 5, 11, 15, and 19). Some of these machines were developed based on some determined physical, mechanical and aerodynamic properties of the seed (Papers 1, 2, 16, 26 and 30). Also the effect of moisture content and wormshaft speed on expeller capacity; oil and cake qualities; and oil recovery from the seed were studied (Papers 6, 7 and 8) Further work on the thermal characteristics as related to its drying as well as modelling and optimizing the expression of oil from the seed was carried out (Papers 9, 13, 14 and 18).
Also, research work was carried out on some other crops and fruits such as Ofada rice (Paper 17) and Maize (Paper 31) and Orange (Paper 12), Recent contribution was made in the area of bio – diesel production such as provision of useful information on process factors that determine yield of biodiesel from castor oilseed, characterization of biodiesel produced from castor oilseed as well as development of an in–situ batch equipment for biodiesel production (Papers22, 23, 24 25 and 27)
The sets of parameters generated and the machines developed to handle these crops are notable contributions to my research field.

(a) Research Completed
i) Development of Ofada Rice Threshing and Cleaning Machine. An – IFSERAR, FUNAAB Proj.- 2011
ii) Biodiesel Production from Renewable Resources using Locally Designed Transesterification Reactor Plant in a Batch Process. An – IFSERAR, FUNAAB Project. – 2010
iii) Development of an Improved Cashew/Apple Juice Extractor. (A COPIC, FUNAAB Project)  – 2009
iv) The Development of a Vegetable Oil Expeller (FIIRO Research Project) – 2004
v) The Development of a Vegetable Oil Filter Press (FIIRO Research Project) – 2004
vi) The Development of a Palm Oil Refining Plant. (FIIRO Research Project) – 2003
vii) The Development of an Orange Juice Extractor (NSE Award Winning Project)  – 1997
viii) The Development of a Popcorn Making Machine (NSE Award Winning Project)  – 1996

(b) Research in Progress
i) The Design and Development of a Cashew Nut Oil and Shell Liquid Extractor.A – UNAAB Sponsored Project.
ii) The Design of a Semi – Continuous Beniseed Processing Plant. A – UNAAB/FIIRO/RMRDC Project

(c) Extension Activities
Direct involvement in the training of farmers on the use of soybean and rice threshing machines especially in the South Western Nigeria.


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