a. Thesis/Dissertation
(i) Heavy metal pollution of some selected centre within Akure Metropolis (M. Tech Thesis 1998)

(ii) Nutritional evaluation of soybean, sorghum and Cray fish as a weaning mixture (B.Sc dissertation, 1993)

(iii) Procedure for analysis in treating contaminated beans, from analytical chemist point of view (M. Tech Research report, 1997).

(b) In Learned Journals:
Olorundare O. F., Ipinmoroti K. O., Popoola A. V. and Ayenimo A. G.(2009) Anthropogenic Influence on Heavy Metal contamination of Urban top soil of a Nigeria City. Int. J.Biol. Chem. Sci. (in Press)

Olorundare O.F., Ipinmoroti K.O., Popoola A.V. and Ayenimo A.G (2009b) Using contamination Indices to Study Heavy Metal Profiles of Urban Top soil of a Nigerian City. lnt. J. of Chemical Sci. (in Press)

Adekunle I.M., Olorundare O.F., Nwange C. (2009c) “Assessments of lead levels and daily intakes from green leafy vegetables of southwest Nigeria” Nutrition & Food Science Vol 39 No 4 Pp 413-422

c. Manuscript under preparation
1. Determination of Particulate Heavy metal in some locally prepared herbal and orthodox drugs.

2. Flouride intake from ingested tooth paste in 2 – 8 years old Nigerian children

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