i. ABU, Zaria:
ANS 446: Pasture production
ANS 711: Advance Pasture production
ii. FUNAAB :
Under graduate level
APH 202: Introduction to Animal Agriculture
PRM 201: Introduction to Pasture Production
ANS 303: Entrepreneurial Skills in Animal Agriculture
PRM 505: Principles of Pasture and Range Sciences
PRM 504: Management of Grasslands
PRM 507: Pasture Measurements and Evaluation Techniques
Post graduate level
ANS 805: Adv. Techniques in Animal Sci. Research
CRP 809: Pasture production, evaluation and utilization
PRM 803: Pasture Research Methodology
PRM 805: Pasture Seed Production and Marketing
PDA 722: Pasture Management and Animal Production
PDA 725 (3 units): Principles of forage production

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