Research interest

Value addition to agricultural commodities, quality and storage properties of food



• Design, fabrication and test performance of solar dryer using okra, yam chips, cassava chips, locust bean and cat fish.

• Prediction of absorption of soybean.
• Production and optimization of odorless instant fufu flour from cassava

• Fermentation, milling systems, texture improvers, acid modifiers, inclusion of food grade palm oil, and economic feasibility of the cassava instant fufu flour.

• Soy-fortification of cassava products at different levels
• Food safety and environmental issues especially in cassava as it affects commercialization of dried products were investigated.

• Production and quality of yoghurt from melon seeds was very successful.


Research Grants

Processing Advisor, UPoCA Project: Unleashed the Power of Cassava in Africa Project sponsored by USAID, 2009 till date.

Principal Investigator, Partnership for Regional Food Developers Initiative –A Capacity

Building Support Strategy for Poverty Reduction in West Africa-Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Benin Republic and the Establishment of a [Food and Organic Agriculture Network] sponsored by Association of African Universities, Accra, and DFID [Project Ref No. MRCI/08/F07/P33], 2008-2010.

Country Manager, Cassava: Adding Value for Africa in collaboration with Greenwich University/Natural Resources Institute, Chatham, Uk sponsored by Bills and Melinda Gates Foundation from May 2008 till April 2011.

Processing Expert, EC Project: Development of the small and medium scale enterprise sector producing cassava based products in West Africa, (2003 – 2006)

Lead investigator, improvement of the physicochemical characteristics of dried fufu by

the International Foundation of Science, Sweden, Project No. E/2553-2, May 21, 2000-May 21 2003.

Processing Expert, DFID Project: Sustaining livelihood of cassava rural enterprise in South west Nigeria, (1999-2002).

Lead investigator, the influence of storage and handling techniques on the chemical,

biochemical and organoleptic qualities of dried fufu from cassava, by the International Foundation for Science, Sweden, IFS, Project No. E/2553-1, November 1996-August, 1998.

Lead investigator, for the effect of processing variables on the characteristics properties of fufu (a fermented cassava-based fufu) at Natural Resources Institute, United Kingdom, under the auspices of World Bank assisted programme for Academic Staff Development organised by NUC/PIU, Nigeria, June 1995-February 1996.


Processing Consultant, Study of quality management systems for cassava value chains in Nigeria, 20 November, 2008 till 5 March 2009, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, FAO, Rome, Italy.


Project Coordinator, Common Fund for Commodities Project on Cassava Processing in West Africa (Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Benin Republic) hosted by IITA, Ibadan, Jan 2008 till date.

Postharvest Manager , Cassava Enterprise Development Project (CEDP), IITA (Jan-June 2007); Integrated Cassava Project (2004-2006:), International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, Ibadan, Responsible for managing IITA’s contact with private enterprise processors and government agencies on the processing, utilization, standards and storage management.

Food commercialization expert, Investigations on building a food marketing policy evidence base in Nigeria sponsored by DFID (2004 – 2005). (

Processing expert, on Sub-Sector Marketing Analysis of the Nigerian Cassava Industry with Prof. Truman Philips of dTp Studies, Canada, IITA Ibadan, Nigeria, Oct -Dec 30, 2003.

Processing & Food Quality Expert [YA/RAF/03/447/17-51, 2005-06] on Cassava Master Plan & [YA/RAF/03/447/17-51, 2003] on HACCP Associated with cassava Processing in Nigeria, in collaboration with UNIDO.

Food Processing Expert to Raw Materials Research and Development Council (RMRDC) under Federal Ministry of Science and Technology, 2004-2005.

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