* The kernel of my research work is in Fluid Dynamics, Flow Stability and Control, Heat and Mass Transfer; Computational Fluid Dynamics, Solar Energy


Research in Progress – Manuscripts in Preparation

(i) Renewable energy prospect and utilization in Nigeria
(ii) Simulation of the operation of internal combustion engines.
(iii) Simultaneous heat and mass transfer processes of bubble by vapour absorption at intermediate Reynolds numbers
(iv) Combustion of sodium droplets at intermediate to high Reynolds numbers
(v) Control of the environmental pollution through exhaust gas recirculation
(vi) Natural convection in rectangular enclosures filled with power-law fluid.
(vii) Control of the onset of convection in Darcy-Benard configuration (in collaboration with Dr. Andrew Rees, Mechanical Engineering Department, University of Bath, UK)
(viii) Heat Transfer Induced by a Hot Plate Moving through the Mid-Horizontal Plane of Rectangular Enclosures Filled with Nanofluids (in collaboration with Prof. Ali Chamkha, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Kuwait University, Safat, Kuwait)
(ix) Combined Radiation and Natural Convective Heat Transfer in Triangular Enclosures Using Heat Function Formulation Approach (in collaboration with Antonio Campo, Department of Mechanical Engineering, The University of Vermont, USA)
(x) Heat function analysis of forced convection heat transfer in rectangular channel occupied by a fluid with temperature-dependent viscosity, (in collaboration with Prof. Kamel Hooman, School of Engineering, The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia)

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